Scotiabank supports lawn bowling fundraiser

Jeff Gill, Hub Now – July 2012

Scotiabank employees presented members of the Cobequid Lawn Bowls Club with a cheque for $2,487 after they helped out at a fundraiser held at The Engine Room. Pictured from left is Randy Jollie, Marissa Fong, CLBC President TedLohnes, CLBC Publicity Karen Hennigar, Heather Hagen, Judy Camm, Darryl Pike and CLBC top canvassers AnneFeeley-Legere and Ben Legere.


The Engine Room played host to a very successful fundraising effort by the Cobequid Lawn Bowls Club on July 7.

More than 80 people showed up to give their support and raise money for the club. Approximately 100 items and packages donated for the event were either sold in a silent auction format or auctioned off live by Colchester County Councillor Earl McKenna.

The event also had two very successful 50/50 draws. The highlight of the afternoon was drawing the winner of the Gift Tree which club members had been selling tickets on for over a month. The winner of the $500 Gift Tree was Adele Kinley – she was the lucky winner out of 1,520 tickets sold.

A huge supporter of this event was Scotiabank. The company had some great volunteers to help through the day. They also matched dollars that were raised that day through door tickets, donations and Gift Tree sales. Their contribution to the fundraiser was $2,487, bringing the Grand Total of the fundraising project to $13,631.50.

Craig Burgess, of the Fundraising Committee, noted that the event would not have been possible without the almost 200 businesses and individuals who generously donated items and cash to the fundraiser. He also sends a big thank you to all the club volunteers who helped canvas the town for those donations and the volunteers who helped put this event together.

“Our membership has reached the 70 mark and daily participation has been great,” says Ted Lohnes, President of the Cobequid Lawn Bowls Club. “The weekly three Coffee Leagues are fast becoming a highlight of club participation. This week, the weekly Mixed Pairs League and the Open Triples League commenced play, and on August 18 we will host our very first Invitational Tournament. Drop-in bowling is getting busier by the day.”

Many renovations have already taken place including new windows, doors and a 60 foot deck. Looking ahead, more renovations are planned for the inside of the clubhouse, including the addition of a kitchen and washroom. Exterior lights around the playing area are also part of the renovations.

Anyone looking for more information can visit the Cobequid Lawn Bowls Website at


Lawn bowlers finally take their game to the green

Jeff Gill, Hub Now – July 11, 2012






County Councillor Earl McKenna throws
out one of the ceremonial first balls,
while President Ted Lohnes watches.


If you think you have an arm for lawn bowling, there’s now a place to test that throw.

The Cobequid Lawn Bowls Club officially opened its brand new facility on June 16. It features eight lanes, which allow participants to play in any direction.

“Prior to our facility, it was a playground for the old Douglas Street School and three-quarters of it was asphalt,” said Ted Lohnes, President of the Cobequid Lawn Bowls Club. “We’ve been bowling at the Agridome for the past two winters in the off-season twice a week and it was going really well. As a result of that, we were able to grow our membership. Presently, we have close to 60 members already and our goal is to be at the 100-mark before the end of summer.”

The tender on the green including the four light poles was $325,000. The next step will be to install lights and build a clubhouse.

“As soon as the clubhouse is finished, we’re going to start having different events and welcome different clubs. We’re currently fundraising for our clubhouse and we’re attempting to reach $30,000. Once we reach that, it means we could finish the clubhouse this year and that means we will be able to host some events next year. We will definitely have some provincial play here, but we would love to see some national play as well,” Lohnes said.

The opening of Cobequid Lawn Bowls Club means there are now six lawn bowling clubs in the province. Four are located in Metro, while one operates in Bridgetown.

“We are in central Nova Scotia so we believe we have a good drawing card here,” said Lohnes. “We can draw people in from all over the province. This game is catching on and we believe it’s going to definitely catch on here in Truro.”

According to Lohnes, local lawn bowlers are looking forward to playing all year round. The association has an agreement with the Agridome to continue using that facility in the winter.

He encourages anyone who is interested in the sport to give it a try.

“Lawn bowling can be played by anyone. One of our members is 88 years old. He loves it. It’s not a strenuous sport, yet it’s fun,” said Lohnes. “There is a lot of camaraderie and it brings seniors and youth together. It’s not a hard game to learn, it’s pretty straight forward and people are usually hooked once they’ve tried it once.”

For those who really get into the game, he adds Bill Dickson is on hand as a qualified instructor.
“It’s a lot of fun. People get together and they genuinely want to see this place succeed. Our members are going above and beyond to help raise money for the completion of our clubhouse. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s a dream come true,” said Lohnes.

A number of local dignitaries were involved in the opening celebrations and even threw out the honorary first ball. They included Mayor Bill Mills, County Councillor Earl McKenna and MLAs Lenore Zann and Gary Burrill.

Guests, members and visiting members then had the opportunity to witness a demonstration game before having the opportunity to try the game for themselves.